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This motor cycle was built as a tribute to the FDNY as a memorial to the Fire Fighters lost on 9/11/01. It was built by Orange County Choppers and is owned and strictly copy righted by the Discovery Channel.


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We are actively seeking new members for Fire Fighter, EMT and Administrative positions. See our Recruiting page for all of the details.

Memorial Announcement

The officers and members of the Bunker Hill Fire Station regret to inform you of the passing of: Henry W. "Dusty" Rhodes

Past Chief and Life Member of the Brentwood Volunteer Fire Department.
Viewing will take place at Gasch's Funeral Home, 4739 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, MD on Saturday, February 26, 2005 from 2-4:00pm and 7-9:00pm with the Fire Department Memorial Service being held at 8:00pm. Interment will take place in Georgia. Follow this link for more information about Dusty!


March 2 - Around 0700 hrs on March 2, 2005, E-551 and surrounding units from the 4th Battalion were alerted for a reported house fire at 4708 Sheridan Street in Co. 7’s first due. Engine 551 responded with 6 men. Engine 72 and Tower 7 arrived on scene with smoke showing from the structure. E-551 arrived on scene within minutes to pick up E-131’s supply line and stood fast with other companies while Riverdale got a good knock on the fire. Bunker Hill Volunteers maintained a second crew at the station during the entire incident. Initial Alarm: E-71, E-131, E- 11, E-551, TW-7, T-9, T-12, SQ-14, BC-4. Working Fire Dispatch : A-559, M-55


February 19 - At 1640 hrs, Engine Company 55 was dispatched for a reported house fire at 2907 Upshur Street. Engine 551, Engine 552, and Chief 55 responded with 7 men. Engine 551 went on the scene with smoke showing from a single family dwellings. Crews from Engine 551 advanced an attack line into the structure while the crew from E-552 picked up their line and assisted with line placement and ventilation. The fire was contained to one room and was scaled back to Company 55 and 7. Chief 9 (Kuenzli) had interior and Chief 55 (Ewing) had the Mt. Rainier command. Initial Alarm: E-551, E-552, E-93, E-11, T-9, TW-7, SQ-22, BC4.

February 19 - After an outside fire and a first due house earlier in the day, Engine Company 55 was dispatched for an auto fire at 38th Street and Rhode Island Avenue. As Engine 551 checked the area surrounding the dispatched location, Engine 552 was instructed to check in 4500 Block of Rhode Island Avenue. Engine 552 arrived on scene to find an auto well off. Crews made a quick knock on the fire and returned to service a short time after.


February 20 - Around 0930 hours, Engine 551 and BC 4 (Mangum) were dispatched for a reported house fire with people trapped on 53rd Place in Co. 9's first due. Units from 9 arrived onscene to find a 1 story dwelling with smoke showing from the basement. While Engine Co. 9 and Tower 33 made an aggressive attack on the fire, Engine 551 was held up by the train and arrived a short time later to do some minor overhaul. Bunker Hill
Volunteers maintained a second crew at the station during the entire incident. Chief 9 (Kuenzli) had the Bladensburg command, Intial Alarm: E-93, E-301, E-551, E-222, TW-7, TW-33, SQ-13, BC-4.

(Picture courtesy of Bladensburg Co. 9)

February 16, 2004 at 2337

Engine Company 55 was alerted to Eastern Ave and Russell Ave for a vehicle fire. Engine 552 and Engine 551 responded with 7 men. E-552 arrived on scene with DCPD to find an auto off on the District of Columbia side of Eastern Avenue. F/F Chris Klinepeter and F/F Tony Brooks did a good job and made quick work of the auto. DC Engine Co. 26 arrived on scene a short time later and stood by with a back-up line and assisted with clean-up while E-551 handled traffic control. The cause of the fire remains undetermined.

February 16, 2005

Bunker Hill Volunteers went out and took part in a night of aggressive drilling and pre-planning over in the 3900 block of Hamilton Street and in the 4000 Block of Gallatin Street in our first due. The primary focus of the drill was perfecting engine company operations at common apartment structures in our area. Standpipe SOP’s, aggressive leader line attacks, building familiarization and crew integrity were stressed.

Sunday February 13, 2005

Around 1605hrs - A box was sounded for smoke in the building at 3001 Queens Chapel Road in Co. 1's first due. E-552, E-551, Ambulance 559, Medic 55, Chief 55, and Chief 55B responded with 15 men. SQ-1 and Engine 552's crew found a fire in the kitchen with some moderate extension that was knocked by a residential sprinkler system. Chief 55 (Ewing) had the command while C-55B (Hampton) had interior. Special thanks to Medic 55's B-Shift crew for assiting with racking hose on this call and always being of assistance on any first due structural assignments we run.



2130 - Engine Company 9 was sent for a local alarm auto in the 4500 block of Tanglewood Drive. Company 9 arrived onscene to find a pile of auto's fully involved. Company 9 requested a box assignment to the location to take care of some water supply issues and to assist with additional man-power. This brought E-551 with 5 men to the call. The fire was brought under control and Command (Chief Kuenzli) held Engines 93, 11, and 72 to mop up.

2100 - In addition to the crew staffing Station 55 on Saturday night, the College Park Volunteer Fire Department also requested assistance in the College Park area to assist with potential riot activity following the Terps Men's Basketball game against number 8 ranked Duke. Due to the history of College Park going absolutely mad after big game versus Duke, Bunker Hill Volunteers offered to help by sending a Mini-Pumper Crew to Station 12. Chief 55B (Hampton) and F/F Tony Brooks took MP-55 to station 12 and were assigned a designated area on campus. After the Terps' win, MP-55 (called Task Force 1) responded to 1 outside fire, 1 dumpster fire, and 1 barrel fire. The crew was cheered on by rowdy Maryland Fans during each incident. MP-55 also ran an out of control burn during the first Maryland - Duke match earlier in the season.


Friday February 11th at 1830 hours, Engine 551 and units from the 4th Battalion were sent to 5425 16th Avenue in Company 44's first due for smoke in the building. Engine 551, Chief 55, Chief 55A, and Chief 55B responded with 9 men. Engine 441 arrived onscene with nothing evident and upon further investigation, encountered heavy smoke conditins in the hallway. Engine 551's was the second arriving unit and the crew reverse laid a supply line from E-441 in addition to placing the first attack line in service to the apartment. E-551 advanced a 400' attack line into the apartment and began an aggressive search for the fire in heavy smoke conditions with Engine Co. 44 and Truck 9. A fire was found in a bedroom and was knocked in less than 15 minutes. Chief Ewing (C-55), Chief Hampton (C-55B), and Truck 91 also had a rescue and an assist on the fire of an infant and an elderly resident. Chief Fisher (C-55A) had the Chillum Command. Initial Alarm: E-441, E-11, E-551, E-72, T-9, T-91, SQ-13, BC4. Task Force: E-93, E-121, T-12, T-14

Chip Ewing is Chief 55

Chip has been appointed as Chief 55. Even though the Bunker Hill Fire Station has 3 individual companies operating out of it, the Chief positions have been defined.

Engine 552 and Truck 55 run first fire of 2005

JANUARY 1 -- At 2026 hrs, Engine 552 and Truck 55 were dispatched to a reported
apartment fire at 2803 Nicholson Street in Co 1's first due. E-552 and Truck 55
responded with 8 men. Tower 7's crew removed an elderly women from the stairway while E-12's crew knocked a small fire in the rear bedroom . Units cleared in just over
2 hours. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Engine and Truck run First Due Job

JANUARY 6 - 0115 this morning, Engine 552 and Engine 554 dispatched for a report
of a house fire with PD onscene advising of possible people trapped. Engine
552, Truck 55, and Chief 55B arrived on the scene and found light smoke showing.
As normal, the police parked directly in front of the house and Engine 552's
crew advanced a 300' line to the living room of the house. A small fire was
located in the walls of the first floor. Units from 55 cleared the scene within
an hour minutes. Chief 2A as BC-4 had the command.

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